Garage Door Service

Just like cars, garage doors need to be maintained annually in order to keep them working properly and increase their longevity.  Not maintaining your garage door can lead to high repair costs down the road and can even cause serious accidents in the event of broken parts and openers.

It is recommended to have annual maintenance on your garage door. Have a professional do a full inspection and tune-up on your garage door and garage door opener.  This should include lubricating all bearings and springs and inspecting door alignment, hinges, wear or damage, wiring and connections, up and down force sensitivity and several other major checks and procedures.

When looking for an annual maintenance professional, choose a garage door company that has a reputation for quality service and expertise. Meet with the service tech that comes to your home and ask questions about the procedures they will perform.

There are a few things you can do between inspections to make sure your garage door is running smoothly:

  • Check your garage door balance monthly
  • Visually inspect wires, springs and cables, making sure there are no frays or damage.
  • Lubricate the tracks and hinges.

If you do not feel comfortable completing these tasks on your own, make an appointment with a garage door expert. Because serious injuries can occur if improperly handled, do not trying to change springs, cables or hardware.

One of the most important safety features, the reversing mechanism, is one that should be checked on a regular basis. Place a piece of 2X4 wood on the floor under the center of your garage door and close it. Once the door hits the piece of wood, it should stop and reverse. If it does not, call your local garage door company to repair it as soon as possible.  Leaving this mechanism in disrepair can cause serious injury to you or your children.

By performing these simple steps between inspections, you can ensure that your garage door is safe to operate until your next annual maintenance.

Don’t wait until your garage door stops working to get it checked out. Let the professionals at Garage Door Repair Service Florida perform our  annual maintenance service for you today.


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